Ironbark Grange, Our Vision.

Ironbark Grange is a family owned private property that has been developed using sustainable and energy efficient principles. The family has the view that we should tread softly on this earth and to this end, Ironbark Grange has been constructed in a manner that is sensitive to the environment and maximises the use of resources.

The land has been planted with as wide a variety of fruit, nut and edible plants as we can manage, including bush tucker. Apart from meat, (we are not vegetarians) most of our fresh food intake will be harvested from the property. This will include a wide range of temperate, sub-tropical, tropical and even desert plants, each in its own microclimate.

We have built a lot of the infrastructure on the property ourselves which includes the house, orchard, shed, chook (chicken) house, bush house, blacksmith area, external freezer shed, Tennis court, Tennis pavillion and Cobb pizza oven.

We are able to provide Working Holiday Visa Extension eligible work for your visa extension application.