General Info for Helpers

Your listing

We get alot of enquiries. At times it's 30 emails a week. We get valuable work from our helpers, but it's not the most important thing to us. It's a cultural exhange and you will be in our family home and it's our way of making the work here fun. So if you are interested in coming to our property, these are the things we suggest in your profile:

  1. A picture or two of yourself. Let your personality shine through
  2. List your interests and skills. Have a very good look through this web site. You would be surprised how many helpers arrive here and expect to go bar hopping at night. If you have been through the projects section of this site you could indicate what you would like to do.
  3. Don't worry about being inexperienced. It's not an issue for us, but we do like to know if someone is a chef or can use a hammer.
  4. Your hobbies and interests are important to us. It is one of the things we use to decide who we take on.
  5. On your listing, state where you are and where you want to get to.

What to bring

You don't need much, at least not on our property. All linen, towels, pillows etc are supplied. We supply sun screen and insect repellent. Most importantly, we supply food, which you will usually help to prepare with the family. One thing that is often overlooked is that Australia can be hot at times....very hot and humid. We suggest light coloured clothes that are of a light fabric. Shorts and T-shirt and the norm here. Sometimes in the garden its just swimming togs/bickini. When working on heavy jobs, good solid footwear is essential and if you play tennis - sneakers.