Farm Produce

Ironbark Grange has a large vegetable garden, about a number of chickens and about 20 muskovy ducks. The orchard has over 300 fruit trees. The trees were planted mainly in 2001. In addition, we have a large (20,000 liter total) aquaponics fish farm that produces fish and yabbies for our own consumption. We currenlty have Jade Perch, Silver Perch, Eel Tailed Catfish, Sleepy Cod and Barramundi. These are all Australian water fish that taste great. The main tank also has a population of Red Claw Yabbies.

The following pictures show some of our produce:

Abiu Acerola Cherry Asparagus Avocado Babaco Bananas Banana Flower Black Sapote Cherimoya Carambola Chillies Coffee Corn Plant Cumquat Eggplant Davidson Plum Fig Grapes Guava India Jaboticaba Jicama Lemon Lychee Mango Nectarine Peach Orange Pawpaw Pomegranate Sapodilla Tree Tomato Tomato Wampee White Sapote Garden Vegies. Duck and Chicken eggs. Flow Frame Honey Collection. Olive Oil. Green Coffee Beans once processed. Aquaponics fresh fish.