Help Exchange, Will You?


It is with great pleasure that our family invites you to our property and home. We have had the pleasure of sharing our lives with many visitors to Australia and we hope that you enjoy your stay with us and find the exchange of culture, ideas, values and culinary experiences as exciting as we do.

Come and enjoy a stay with us. We want to share our culture with you and experience some of yours. In particular we want you to share the tastes of your country in our home so come prepared to help cook a meal of your choice.

The experiences vary depending on the activity on the property. Activities include planting, weeding, brush cutting, watering, spraying, harvesting, cooking, cleaning, helping with building and depending on skills, work in the shed constructing furniture and equipment. You will have your own room usually, unless we have a big project on and have more than two Helpers.

Country of Origin

We have had many International Helpers stay with us as part of our family. Some have been for short stays, but quite a few have been for extended stays up to 6 months.

We have had HelpXers/WWOOFers/Work Awayers stay with us from the following countries:

Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, England, USA, Canada, Germany (East & West), France, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Holland, Poland, Austria, Israel, Sweden, Serbia, Reunion Island, Hungary, Spain and Argentina.

Some of our beautiful helpers:

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