Proposed Earth Sheltered Fire Bunker and Cellar

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We are surounded by the Austrlian bush. National park behind us and extensive Australian Eucalyptus on our and neighbouring properties.

We have been planning an earth shelterd fire bunker and cellar for some time, but recently, we completed some 3D designs in Sketchup which I have include a link to below. The design includes a lounge area, semi-circular wine cellar, growing room for mushrooms and a storage area for cheese to mature. (We make our own cheese from time to time and 4 year old Romano is wonderful)

Plans are about to be submitted to a structural engineer. The structure is of concrete, with walls about 275mm thick and earth covering the flat roof to a depth of about 2m. A new Australian product called "Dincel" is intended for use as the permanent formwork, which is self supporting and waterproof. A link to this product is also included below.

The Following links show some details of the Dincel product:

The main profile intended for use on the project

Profile range

Dincel inroduction