Milling the Timber

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All the wood for the timber floor inside the house is from Spotted Gum trees that were felled, milled, dried and then profiled into flooring from trees on the property.

Most of the timber was from one large tree from near the shed that had too much of its roots buried and was slowly dying. So this tree together with 3 other trees were felled and then moved onto the area that is now our tennis court. A portable Lucas mill was brought on site (1st photo) and this was used to mill the timber. The logs (butts) were milled then stacked to dry for about 2 years. Metal bands (strapping) was used to stop the timber moving and warping while drying and sticks were placed between the layers to help with drying. Once dry, the timber was taken to a factory that specialised in producing profiles (flooring in this case), then brought back and placed inside the house for about six months to season before laying.

The Lucas Mill arriving on the back of a truck Moving the logs into position for milling Dragging the logs to the milling site The Lucas mill set up for milling A floor board being cut The start of the timber stacks for drying Preventative spraying for termites One of three finished stacks showing sticks between the layers for drying