The wildlife on the property is amazing! Since the property is surrounded by National Parks all manner of wildlife is free to enter the property.

We commonly see several dozen wallabies around the house and much of the birdlife will come to the verandah to feed. Some can even be hand fed.

At night, possums can be seen in the ironbark tree near the verandah, and if you are patient they will take fruit from you.

Frogs can be seen during wet weather and we have been lucky enough to identify over 18 species within 100m of the house.

Animals that are regularly seen at Ironbark Grange:

Boxing Roos At Canarvon Brush Turkey Rainbow Lorikeet Graceful Tree Frog Goanna by the tail. Koalas Red-bellied Black Snake Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Carpet Phython